Your animals will be given individualized care in a safe, clean, friendly environment whether the
service is offered at your home or mine. Your animals will be pampered, given nutritious meals,
clean water, daily walks and plenty of play time.

Advantages of Critter Sitter's pet sitting services over boarding at an animal kennel:
•        clean environment
•        walks every few hours
•        playtime
•        your dog is not in crate or kennel for long periods
•        clean water
•        hand-prepared, nutritious meals
•        affectionate caregivers
•        individualized attention to each animal
•        attention given to owner’s needs                
•        security of your home (excluding service at my home)

Critter Sitters offers three levels of animal care services:
  1. Pet Sitting of Your Animals at Your Home or Farm
  2. Boarding of Your Animals at My Farm
  3. House Sitting of Your Home and Care for Your Animals

Aren’t your animals worth it?
What animals do we offer services for?
Just about any animal or herd of animals, excluding reptiles. Special herd animal prices are
determined during your free assessment.